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December 22, 2010

Magic Drop

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Boca De Cielo

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Musing in San Agustinillo

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Final Harvest

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Art Factor Foundation

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To help facilitate mere survival of the human race, providing basic resources to those in dire situations. To further extend that survival toward actual habitat producing projects, creating simple efficient homes for living. In the process, providing quality art to be enjoyed by those who have transcended the former arrangements.

The basic idea is to offer to everyone an indefinite number of my original oil paintings, on a donation basis. 100% of donations will be given to various preferred Non-Profit-Organizations.

Upon each of my blog updates and in Exhibitions, one or more paintings will be clearly labeled for the “Art Factor Foundation”. You will also find a minimum donation; this number will reflect a moderate market value of the piece. You are welcome to donate more, and talk to me if you would like to donate in installments, to make the minimum. If a painting for the “Art Factor Foundation” calls you to be involved, take the following steps:

1. Let me know you want the painting, and where the painting will be delivered.
2. Wait for my response confirming availability of the painting, and the necessary funds for delivering the work. Shipping costs will be standard, no handling fee on my account.
3. Next, contact one or more of the following organizations below, giving them your donation. Also, ask them to email me a receipt, for progress purposes:
4. Once I receive the proper donation confirmation, and the necessary delivery costs, you be ready to receive your painting!

Here are links to the Non-Profits we will be working with:

Food For Life Global:

Casita Linda:

Via Organica:—–

Via Organica is participating a special project in accordance with Art Factor Foundation donations. They will distribute parcels of organic food to beggars in the streets of San Miguel, as well as select families in the San Miguel area. Please make donations for this project to the attention of Juan Carlos Aviles, citing the Art Factor Foundation.

The main purpose for developing this Foundation, is to inspire the generous distribution of life’s fundamental and creative resources. This is somewhat of an experiment, and not within my usual scope of endeavors. Although, I am enthused about seeing what gathers on the horizon. If the response is strong, this Foundation could become what I call it, “The Art Factor Foundation”. Later, this work may include other artists, more volunteers, etc. Or it may just be something I do for a little while, we’ll see.

This concept started with regular pressing realizations that resources could be distributed/shared more within my life. And I thought what better way than to utilize an area of great personal abundance…paintings ☺ I will be working with paintings freshly created, as well as some good ones that have hung around a little while.

I think this is a great opportunity for many of us to justify obtaining a painting we like. As some see a certain extravagance in acquiring art. Or this could just be clear incentive to get one more painting you love. Now we can juggle art and money, while nurturing humanity!

1. Individuals are limited to acquiring one painting (allotted for this Foundation) per month.
2. I may refuse an individual’s involvement at any time, with clear reason.
3. This is a work in progress; more elements will likely develop.
4. Please share this Mission with any you feel would like to participate.

Warmth & Dreary

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8×10-Art Factor foundation-Min Donation $325


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10×8-Art Factor Foundation-Min Donation $305

Condensed Simplicity

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8×10-Art Factor Foundation-Min Donation $275

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Oaxaca, Mexico

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